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Give abused & neglected kids the best week of the year

Every $500 donation will put a child on a camp that creates happy memories for life.

Make a Real Impact

Brighten One Child’s Year

Give the Gift of Hope

We all want to break the cycle of abuse and neglect.

Where can I even start to help?

Children don’t get to choose where they are born. For some it’s just not fair.

But every child deserves the chance at a great life.

The problem is far bigger in Australia than many are willing to recognise, and yet you don’t have to feel powerless.

You can make a difference. One child at a time.

Southern Cross Kids Camps hosts camps to give at-risk kids the best week of the year.

Here’s what it looks like:

Undivided attention

We have an incredible 1-to-1 ratio of volunteers to children. It’s labour intensive but it’s worth it.

A magical experience

Kids on camp finally get to be kids – they never want it to end!

Solid ground for the future

A safe week filled with fun and laughter has been proven to show a brighter path ahead.

We invite you to deliver life-changing joy to kids who need it.

There is no better gift than the gift of hope.

Over the 22 years SCKC have been running camps with at-risk children, we have seen the difference one week per year can make first hand.

There is no greater evidence of this than our many kids who have returned as adult volunteers to deliver hope for the next generation.

How it works:


Every $500 will put a child on camp


Every child gets to experience the best week of their year


You’ve helped create smiling faces and brighter futures

Hear from our donors:

  • “There’s no doubt camp changed my life. It gave me happy memories to hold onto when I went home. I had hope that things were going to get better and that I had the power to make good decisions that would keep me on the right path.”
  • “SCKC lifted me up when I was down, gave me a week of happiness that I’ll never forget and helped me to build a life full of happiness and joy.”
  • “If I could quote anything it would be that SCKC was a place I could belong and feel like I was loved when I’d never known that feeling before.”
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    Some may question: “Is one week of happy memories really going to make a difference?”

    20 years of experience has told us that our camps have served as the pivotal turning point for these kids for life.

    Here are some real life examples:

    Wish you could do more? Now you can.

    Send one child to camp to change their year. Perhaps you’ll enable a life-changing story too.