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Attributes of a SCKC Leader

At Southern Cross Kids Camps we want our leaders to be people of:


While everyone is on a journey in regards to their faith, our key leaders, eg. Directors, Buddies and core Staff will be people who identify as being of Christian faith and therefore acknowledge Jesus as their Saviour.


We have strong moral principles that help guide our lives whether we are on camp or involved in any other aspect of our lives. We don’t expect perfection, but appreciate the importance that Integrity plays in the lives of SCKC Leaders.


We posses the personal attributes that make us good role models to both children and adults alike. We realise that we are all unique individuals and that our strengths and personal qualities when developed well help make SCKC a great example for all to see.


We are trained, prepared and understand the role we have to play on camp. We are team players, realising everything we do is in the best interest of the children. We are always ready to learn and improve.